Mary's family circle

mary is the front female with the most white on her chest..the two other black dogs are sister sally and Garg. All Bin the g/sh and Tate the lab's puppies.
Buddie the beagle had to include himself as well
What a nice family photo. Love the perspective, too.
I miss Tate. There hasn't been a day that goes by that I don't think of her in some way. Hiya would have loved her.I wish I had listened to you when you said don't take them for granted. This was a good picture of her and the family
We all take things for granted some time in our life, please dont be to harsh on yourself as I think Tate would have understood you had other commitments in life and the love you did give was a love she will cherish until the end of time. It's not easy when we loose something so close to our heart and soul, the hardest part is letting go but never let go of the memories you have while you were together.
It is such a nice picture. All the dogs are just sitting there waiting for you to take the photo..... and then there's Buddy. lol, it looks like he jumped in at the last moment and made a face for the camera.

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