half time!

Clifford loves to fetch...but when he's ready to take a breather, it's his call!
What a great looking dog he is! I looked at your profile to see what breed he was, and was surprised; the Clifford Terrier's a new one for me. I really like his look, strong, athletic and typically Terrier-alert. Can you tell me more about him?
I adopted Clifford at the local animal shelter at 6 weeks old. The documents at the shelter showed that he was a lab. I knew that wasn't the case by his tiny paws and scrawny build. He is three years old now and stands 16", 22lbs. Very energetic and has big time smarts!! I almost named him Houdini from his ability to escape from boxes....finally had to consult with the experts at the pet shop for an anti-escape design...so far, so good!

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