Growing up a bit..

  • RD
Look how long those legs are getting!
He is SO CUTE! And he's growing up way too fast . . .
ROFL - :SIGH: - Just thinking about the luxury of having a 19 pound "brute" jumping up on me . . . no bracing myself, no fleeting moment of apprehension before impact . . . no giant pawprints on my shoulders . . . :SIGH:

But of course, I love The Monsters and wouldn't miss all that for anything ~ and it won't be long before Dakota can jump high enough to leave those pawprints on your shoulders :D ENJOY!
LOL, I miss having my Buddy brute to knock me over.. (He was about 110lbs.. Not nearly as big as a Fila, but not dainty either)
That's what I'm afraid of, him jumping right over my head! He's already springing himself up onto my bed (It's a very tall bed, BTW, about 3 1/2 feet from the ground)

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