Drinking Problem?

Shiva is 9 weeks old in this picture. She wallered this big cup around for several hours - until it was totally destroyed.
I know a dog "Gus" whose breed is bigger than your dog Shiva's breed, and at 7 weeks he was not much bigger than the average bucket (Shiva looks like about 3 buckets). A dog that big (Shiva), compared to that couch, can't be 7 weeks, you must have meant 7 months for sure! Is there anyone else besides me who notices this and can verify this size? I also noticed his tail looks like it has been broken, or wounded, has he had an accident? Just curious.
Yep, she's 7 WEEKS old in this picture. I just took her to the vet yesterday for a weigh-in and socialization visit. She was 21 weeks old Friday. She weighed 84 pounds Saturday. She's a Fila Brasileiro, and looks to be one of the larger ones, probably around 150-160 pounds at maturity, which is on the large side for a female. They're not as large as some of the other molossers, but they're very athletic and are excellent help herding cattle.

The tail isn't broken; she's got a little black "heart" marking about a third of the way down, and the Fila's tails are actually more like cat's than dogs - very sinuous and multi-directional.
Ok, she is a real cut up! I love her Valentine photo. I left the comment I'll be your Valentine. But I forgot to log in so it put me down as unregistered and it said it came from Texas? Nope Ohio
It's only a drinking problem when you've run out!! Lol!!
She's divine! I want one!!

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