Diva Delilah

This is my baby Pit at 5 months. She's growing fast. She loooooves attention, relaxing on the couch, and getting her belly rubbed.
She's beautiful, love her color and eyes especially. It's great to see as many well-loved Pits as there are here on Chazhound.
What a beautiful little baby, hope you have years of fun together with the best dog on the planet!:d:teeth
That's one of my babies, well not anymore. She is in a caring loving home. Remember, there are no such things as BAD DOGS! Only Bad owners. I love the American Pit Bull terrier. And yours is quite beautiful if I say so myself:)
She is so beautiful...her coat and eyes are awesome. They are great dogs, I hate that they get such a bad rap, you are so right about no bad dog!

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