Deputy Santa (as in Deputy Chief)

Just after this snap shot, Deputy fell asleep and I couldn't wake him for nothing! (a few more seconds and we never would have gotten this pic.)

Deputy was our Christmas Present to each other, I named him for my retired Pol. Chief hubby (now a minister), "Chief's Deputy Dawg" AKC Miniature Schnauzer, "The best job and deputy I ever had".

"Deputy" brings sooo much love and joy to us in our later years!!! What an awesome loving little creature God made! We couldn't do without him! He always makes our day!

Just wanted to share a bit of love and cheer with you all, didn't mean to offend any vegetarians out there, or God or cop haters.
love the picture, i like dressing my schnauzers up in clothes too, and they like it also LOL

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