Calypso, the Pet Bull

When they're first born, sometimes you can't tell if they're bulls or heifers. We thought he was a she, and the poor thing was so skinny, we named her/him Callista. Had to change it to something that sounded similar when it became obvious she was a he!
He is "adoraBull"....oooh I know bad pun. But he really is a cutie. How old is he? Having a pet cow would be very interesting. I bet you have some great stories.
He's about 8 months old now. He's kind of disgruntled with me right now. The other cows kept getting out, so Charlie had to secure the fence tight enough that Calypso can't get from the pasture to the yard, and he's pouting. He came up to me bawling the other afternoon, wanting to be petted, but last night he took off running from me. He doesn't really like the other cows very well and I think he resents being out there with them.
He doesn't look happy to have his pic taken! He's cute though! :)
OMG.. He is the spitting image of a cow we had called Agnes.. What is he? Angus/Hereford? (Judging by that white head)

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