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Kaisa the Dalmatian

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Kaisa the Dalmatian
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From the Owner: This is Kaisa. She lives with Don Wino (he is also a dalmatian) and my boyfriend and I in Tilburg. Kaisa is now 1.5 years old. I didn't had to go with her on a dogtaining course, because she listens very good. Don Wino our male is 5 years old. He is also a very lovely dog, but he is very dominant, and argues with other maledogs. Both our dogs protect us very good. We go with our dogs every day to the woods. They like to play with the other dogs in the woods. I want a third dog, but my friend doesn't. Maybe next year. We love our dogs very much. They even sleep on the bed, and in the winter, Kaisa even sleeps under the curtains from the bed. I hope they will be the oldest dogs of the world.
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