Your Easiest Dogs


Bat Ears Only
Aug 8, 2014
Central California
I dearly love brushing out hairy dogs, and I would probably be happy with something that needed absurd amounts of brushing to keep unmatted. Instead I have:

Ru (nearly-naked chihuahua) needs his nails trimmed every week or two, he puts up token protests but it extremely easy to do. He never gets stinky and only gets a bath if I spill something on him. I have never brushed him, he barely has anything to brush. He finds baths traumatic, and I avoid washing him unless necessary because I can barely tolerate the pathos of a wet chihuahua. I paint his nails pretty regularly, though.

Brisbane (heeler/spaniel/devil) is a sensitive snowflake and has hated all forms of grooming since he was a wee imp. I used to cut his tail floof short to keep it from getting tangled, but have access to a pro grooming setup right now so it's easier to maintain. He will barely tolerate having his coat brushed as long as there are no tangles. Cutting his toenails is a quest in and of itself, often requiring sedation or one person per limb to hold him down. He sees right though attempts to desensitize him.

Ulysses (heeler/aussie?) shed what seemed like several pounds of fur upon exiting the shelter, and is mostly hanging onto his coat now. ?He seems to be a wash and wear dog, and doesn't get smelly.