Yick! Dog spit!

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    Mikee has a strange habit that we can use for gambling

    After he drinks water, it seems like he will look for a human friend, especially showing bare skin, to clean/dry his tongue ...

    Since he licks me a lot, this one behavior really didn't register with me. Unless there's something overly insistent, or obviously disgusting, dog licking is like tail wagging to me.

    So, when I was with a group of friends, and he chose to slobber on someone else, it became a more entertaining game.

    It's not 'disgusting' b/c he doesn't slobber, and it's more like he is wiping off the excess water ... so to speak ;-) But, he licks only bare skin, which is usually a bare arm or leg ... almost refreshing on these hot and humid days. But, the other day, someone was wearing a loose summer blouse, and Mikee licked her on the neck ;-)

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