UKC Rally Trials today...

Discussion in 'Agility and Dog Sports' started by MicksMom, Jun 6, 2015.

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    We went to Versatile K9 Sports Club's UKC Rally trials in Andover, NJ today. Caleb came home with 2 scores of 100/100, a 2nd place in Trial 1, and 1st place in Trial 2. He just needs 1 more leg for his URO2.

    I also showed my friend, Kathie's yellow Lab in Level 1. He got a 99 in the first trial, and 98 in the second, and 4th place in both trials.

    We'll decide this week if we're going to enter trials out in PA in the middle of July.
    On the AKC front, there is a trial the day after the UKC one in July that is also on the "thinking about" list. We really like that trial- it's held where we train, but more because of the club giving it. They're just a really nice bunch of people, easy going and fun to be around.

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