Training oops!


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Jul 4, 2012
We went and did a group drop in this morning, it was nice to bring the kids and let them run around as distractions while we worked. Started with Storee, who did well, need some 'weave pole boot camp' though. Oh well. Then took out Kilt, and for whatever reason with being distracted by the kids being in the ring, just walked Kilt up and over the dogwalk a few times, giving treats at the bottom.

THEN realized it was her first time seeing a dogwalk. :rofl1: She just went up and over it without even stopping. Not bad for the first time!

I want to work more on her listening and such though, so likely will do more obedience with her first then go back to agility. She is currently in the 'I'm a herding dog so I'll just go lay down over there and you can come get me' mode a lot which I don't like, but will have to work through with her.

Ticket, however, did quite well, but for my son, who informed me he's handling him from now on. We'll see on that one, but at least Ticket did start to work for him a bit (my son is just seven and doesn't tend to reward often or at the right time...).

Anyone else ever forget to actually train their dog on something and just assume?