Strange eye issues with dogs at the base

Nov 9, 2016
I am a German Shephard trainer at a US base in California. I have to train, take care and inspect 15 dogs all the time along with an internee. Our base is located in a remote location and healthcare is a crucial problem. Most of the time, we have a Veterinarian at the base, but he is not available due to a family emergency. I don't want to disturb him (because of this issue). For the last 13 days, I am alone with the dogs and handling is a tough situation for me, but I am still managing it. 10 days ago, I got an Eye Infection in a dog. This spread to 3 cubs and it was resolved by using a simple antibiotic. After that, I start observing Pigmentation in the eyes of those cubs. A local veterinarian suggested it was a 'Cherry eye' and provided some medicine to use. I don't know, why are these issues are suddenly attacking the dogs. For now, everything is going in the right direction, but I am not sure about the future, especially, when it comes to eyes. Right now, I am observing blood clotting in the eyes of a 1 dog (will go to Doctor in the morning). Please suggest some tests so that I know why those things are coming back over and over again. I am located at I don't know if it is due to the environment or lack of nutritions or any viral virus or any bacteria. I have received 7 cubs in August (among those 3, there was 1 from that group and maybe they have some issue). So, please propose a solution, which will help those little creatures and solve the issue. Also, if you living in Moneterey, then advice a Doctor, who is experienced in Dog Eye diseases.

Thanks for your help,