Simon is a Hero, once again

Aug 8, 2007
It is 300am and I am alive. Here is why.
Simon, my 4 yr old Saint Bernard woke me at 230am by whimpering, louder than usual at the base of the stairs. I am used to this, as for some time now he has early morning bathroom breaks, that require me to get up...which really irritate me by the way.(We are in CT, and since the snowstorm in October where we lost power for 12 days...he hasn't been the same.)
Anyway, today he woke me up. I didn't know what time it was, but I dragged my butt out of bed, and stumbled down the stairs, prepared to take him outside. I walked into the kitchen and noticed it was 230am!!!! I was steamed! I know he went out at 10p, why is he bugging me so early?!?!?!!
Grumbling and murmmuring something under my breath, I grabbed his leash and grumpily dragged him outside to go potty.
It was windy out, and as we walked out, I could smell something cooking-somewhat. I remembered that we put his pork shoulder in the oven last nighht to cook.
I said, "Go Potty!" and began to walk him away from the house, to his potty spot. He wouldn't budge. I pulled and pulled-no way. He would not leave the side of the house, but instead circled just in one place- then in retrospect, gave me a courtesy poop, to get me past the idea of him needing a potty break. (Super smart dog, by the way!)
Well, just above where we were standing was the vent to the oven- where the smell of something cooking, or actually burning, was escaping from. I looked up and smoke was coming from the vent. I just remembered then, that I heard some sizzling as I walked by the kitchen with Simon. I immediately ran inside and upstairs to find the oven was still on, and on high charring his pork shoulder!
Simon knew. He knew something was wrong. He didn't need to go potty, he wasn't hungry. He knew there was danger and knew where it was.
He saved my life and that of my family as well.
I can't imagine the "what if's".

He is my hero. Once again. (check my profile for the 1st time he saved me)

I need to remember that EVERY DAY. I grabbed him, threw him on his back and hugged him until I was balling my eyes out!

He is truly the most awesome dog in the whole wide world to me.
No matter how crazy he can make me...I will remember the hero I have living under my roof.

I love you Simon.


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Sep 28, 2004
Way to go Simon! Sometimes we don't give animals enough credit. I'm glad you're all okay.


swimming upstream
Jan 17, 2007
we should all "listen" a little more to our dogs--they really do have a greater awareness of some things! Way to go Simon--glad you are all ok!