Rascal tryiong out for hula class(cute pics)


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Jul 31, 2006
One day when I walked pass Rascal he ran and stopped right infront of me and said"mom how come i'm always laying down in the middle of the day when your off at work?How come I cant join a club or get lessens on playing a guitar or the drums?"
"I never knew you wanted to do anything...i'm sorry rascal.So what would you like to do?"
"hmmm...i dont know maby...nah...but then i could...never mind...oh i got it!I want hula lessens!"

"ok then let me go search for a hula class somewhere near our home"
------------------------------THE NEXT DAY------------------------------
"Hey Rascal come here!!!"
"Yes momma?"
"i found you a hula class and you start today."
"yes!Thank you momma!"
"your welcome just behave and dont get into any fights,I'll be watching."
"Don't worry I wont"
Then rascal stood on his hind leg and gave me a kiss and went to the door and waited untill it was time for hula class.I picked up Rascal and put him in the car and drove to class.When it was his turn to tryout he was fantastic!

He was assigned the co-captain,but guess what?After paying $100 he didnt feel like going to class anymore.
"I thought you wanted to take hula lessons Rascal..."
"Yah...about that...I just relized that i dont really want to go anymore,its to boring...so i decided that ill just lay down by the computer untill you come home..."

its not the best story ever,but oh well.and sorry its so long