Pembroke Corgi Breeders in the north east


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Oct 9, 2013
Hudson Valley, NY
My mother-in-law owns a pembroke corgi girl who was recently diagnosed with cancer and only has a few months left. I think my husband and I have convinced her not to get a puppy while her older dog is ill, but she seems fairly set on getting another corgi in the somewhat near future. Any breeder suggestions? She lives in western NY, and I live in eastern NY, so that opens up a pretty large area through Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and all of New England.

Her past dogs have all been from BYB or pet stores, so DH told her I would help find a good breeder, but I don't know anything about corgis. Her pup had some sort of disc problem a couple years ago and went through surgery and a pretty extensive recovery period, so I know that MIL is hoping to avoid back problems in her next dog by going through a good breeder. She just wants a happy healthy pet, no interest in sports or other activities. Thanks!