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Nov 7, 2016
Hi Guys!

About a month ago, we fostered a four month old puppy. On the fourth day with us, we realized he had parvo and he, sadly, passed away within three days.

On Saturday night, we brought a new puppy (Rily) home. That Sunday, I started to notice that he wasn't eating, and he threw up once. I started freaking out because the symptoms were similar to the ones the last puppy had displayed with parvo. I did some research and realized that Parvo could live in the environment for over a year and was extremely contagious.

I feel very guilty because I realize now that I should have waited MUCH longer b3efore I brought another puppy into the house. I took Riley to the emergency pet hospital that same Sunday. She tested negative for parvo and positive for hookworms; she is now on medication.

However, now I am still worried that she could contact parvo. The puppy that we were fostering was four months and had never had any shots. Riley is eleven weeks and has had three set of shots (her last one was given on Saturday.) I realize that she is not fully immune yet. I took her to my mom's house after the vet visit because I felt that our safest bet would be to remove her from the contaminated area while we disinfected my apartment. Yesterday, we disinfected my boyfriend's apartment because the foster was hardly ever there, and we are thinking it'll be safer for Riley to go there first.

Here are my questions:
-How can I disinfect my furniture?
-My other 7 year old poodle was also in contact with the foster puppy. She did not get sick (I'm assuming because she's had all her shots and her immune system is better) but is the fact that she was near the foster also mean that she can be contagious to Riley?
-Is it possible that something that touched parvo can pass the parvo to another object. (Ex. The dog was on the floor. After he left, we had a toy that also touched that same floor. Is the toy also infected?)
-I am assuming that the foster either had parvo before we got him or got it from the soil where we took to the restroom. I live in an apartment complex so there are other dogs. Should I buy potty pads so that Riley doesn't go outside to the dirt? How long should I avoid the soil?

I am sorry for asking so many questions. I am just really worried, and I feel really guilty. This seems like it should have been something obvious, but I really hadn't realize just how long parvo could last in the environment. And the more I read online, the more I panic.