No, you don't want to do that!


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Jul 23, 2004
Toledo, Ohio
So I had a broken out screen on my porch and with winter coming, I needed it replaced before something gets inside the house. I've got all kinds of problems since I was hurt a couple of years ago, so I hired the kid next door to help me out. We went out there and King comes out too. I tell him, "Go on, get in the house!" and he starts to do it, but the kid, who really doesn't know him all that well, pats him on the butt to "help him along". I knew right away, just from the look of disgust on King's face, that he didn't like that at all. I said, "No, you don''t want to do that!". He said, "Will he try to bite me?". "No, you just guaranteed he won't go into the house for a while!". Pushing/pulling King is the absolute worst move you can make when dealing with him. I tried to herd him over to the sliding glass door, but he wanted no part of that, and made his usual move, he plopped over on his side, and laid there like he was dead, except for one foot up in the air, waving. I told the kid to ignore him and eventually he will get up, and after about 10 minutes, he did. I told him to get in the house, and he gave the kid a look like, "Don't touch me kid!", and slowly went into the house. He sat inside the family room and watched us change the screen, and then came out as we were coming back into the house. He stayed out there a while, but when I called him and told him "Wheats", he ran right inside. "Wheats" are Mini-Wheats, the cereal, they are one of his favorite treats. I probably could have gotten him in all along if I would have had some in my pocket. He really is food crazy at this point.