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Discussion in 'Puppy Forum' started by cj.rhodes3, Sep 24, 2015.

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    I have a new puppy and its my first "puppy". She seems very independent at 9 weeks. She doesn't come when we call her from across the yard or across the living room, she just sits down and looks at us.

    She explores out on her own (farther than I would expect a puppy to).

    Story: She is still scared of (deep i.e. to her chest) water and I walked with her to a creek behind our home, when I walked into the water she started to try to come after me but got scared and then started whining because she couldn't get to me and because she didn't have the experience and confidence to cross the water. So I am wondering if; because she is a puppy she is jus exploring and not "stuck up my butt" like I would expect such a young puppy to do.

    My concern here is that I am worried that she is showing traits of true independence and will not "take" to me as MY dog. :)

    What should I do different? And does this mean that I should maybe spend more time with her by taking her to work with me?<--Which I can do!

    Thank you for taking the time to read :)
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    How long have you had her?

    At 9 weeks, chances are she doesn't know her name, and she definitely doesn't know she's expected to go to you when you call it. She probably just sits and looks at you because she's wondering what you're saying to her. What does she do if you get down on the ground and make interesting noises (click your tongue, smooching noises, high pitched voice?) or pat the ground? She'll also probably be more inclined to come indoors in a "boring" environment at first than outdoors with lots of sights and smells.

    You can teach her her name by saying it before you give her treats, etc, and also by using it when she's already coming towards you, even if it's just from a few feet away.

    What breed is she? Some dogs and breeds are just naturally more independent, but I don't think that she sounds like an exceptionally independent puppy. It's good that she's curious, and if you've only had her a short time she may still be bonding to you and getting used to you. Taking her to work is up to you...a 9 week old puppy is young to be left alone all day so if no one else is with her and you don't have a walker or the ability to go check on her throughout the day, I would bring her!

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