kyser and dale, saves me from dog attack!

Jun 19, 2006
kyser wasnt just a regular old gsd mix. he was a good boy and so was little dale, the lil pom pom. me and my cousin was outside at her house., the neighbors dogs decided they play too.
jessie and i were laying on the ground petting kyser and dale and then all of a sudden little dale took off running under the car. kyser growled. we had no idea what the heck was up with the dogs! we stood up and looked round. nuthin-
dale decided hed be the man and he ran from under the car and ran towards something standing about 15 ft away
me and my cousin took off running to the house and so did the figure just not running our way. dale was chasing it away!
we watched and kyser stood with us. we heard dale yelping and whinning and decided to go help him, he was helping us out, so why couldnt we help him?
we raced to one side of the trailer and i stood beside kyser, my cousin ran around the trailer to see if she could find dale, kyser couldnt decide who to stay with so he went to the end of the trailer ahead of me. i was all alone and i saw the figure again. i panicked and said, " jessie! come here!" jessie couldnt hear me! what was i doin!? then this big, huge, pit bull/lab mix came running under the light, kyser heard me scream and he ran around the trailer and when the dog was about 10 ft away, kyser leaped on him. both dogs wrestled on the gorund! i yelled for jessie and then little dale came running around the trailer , jessie followed. together the pits/lab mix was scared off by kyser and dale.
the next morning, i found kyser dead.
i am sure, kyser died from the larger wound on his side where the pit bull had attacked him. still to this day, kyser is still with me.
you may not be able to see him, but hes there, hes there.


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Sep 28, 2004
I'm so sorry to hear what happened. I do know that he is with you in your heart and will be with you forever.