How to get dog to respond to vocal cues

Discussion in 'Dog Training Forum' started by endogue, Oct 5, 2017.

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    Hi! I have a belgian malinois, she is very smart (no surprise) and picks things up super fast. She has a very busy and distractible mind, so I am working on teaching her tricks to help keep her attention when she she is losing focus between sessions at agility, fly ball, rally, etc. Plus tricks are fun! Anyway, I've noticed she responds to my motions and not my vocals (for example, I move my hand left, she spins left, vice versa for right). I know she knows the trick because she nails them all the time with the motion, but she does not respond to the vocal (when I try to just use vocal she will just start doing all the things she knows). Any tips or tricks to wean her off motion, and to get her more tuned into vocals?

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