From the 80s

Apr 1, 2012
My dad had this dog in the 80s named duffy he was an english shepherd and from what i hear he was a pretty sharp dog. here are a few things that he would do.

If he saw you doing something. he would copy. If he saw you picking begger lice or stick tights off your pants he would help you out, and if he saw a tick on you, he would gently nip it off your skin with his teeth

Also, if he saw you killing yellow jackets, he wouldnt just kill yellow jackets with you, he would follow them back to their hole and dig it up.

When he was young he got beat up really bad by some bigger dogs and his scalp was hanging off his skull. They got him some medicine and eventually he got better, but he absolutely hated his medicine. My grandma told me that years later when she would go outside and sit down he would sit on her feet so she wouldnt get up. But even when he was old, she could say "Duffy im going to get your medicine" and before she could get to the D in MEDICINE he would be runnning around the house.

He also had a series of whistles to be commanded and if you growled he would look for what you are growling at. then a whistle would be a command to "sick it" If you really got him going and there was something for him to get, dad told me that you could sick him on a tree. but if there was nothing for him to get, he would know it and he would get mad and then proceed jump and bust you in the mouth with his nose.