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    So I was reading the "Dogs are friendly because..." thread, and the linked article mentioned that "one study showed that dogs and humans enforce their bonds by gazing at each other." This makes sense to me; I feel a bond with my dog when we make eye contact. I try to throw some nice calming signals in there (slow blink, yawn or sigh) but I could just stare at Prinna for hours.
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    However, when we had a behaviorist visit a few weekends ago, she said to be patient when drilling the "Watch" command (or Look at Me, or what-have-you) because in dog-to-dog interaction, eye contact feels like a challenge more often than not, so it's tough for them to do with us.

    Either way, I feel like I notice a huge difference in the average amount of eye contact I get from my puppy on most days, and the amount I get right after I pick her up from daycare. It's like she's still in "dog-socialization mode" from being at daycare all day, and it takes her a while to look directly at me, and respond to my babbling the way she usually does.
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    Am I crazy, or has anyone else experienced this? After a nap in the car and a little time to decompress at home, she will look me in the eye again and seems back into human-socialization mode again. Has anyone else heard that eye contact is particularly difficult, or particularly natural, to dogs?
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