Can someone tell me if my vet experience was normal procedure?

Discussion in 'Dog Health Care' started by whattooksolongtoloveadog, Jan 1, 2018.

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    Hello. I recently had a vet visit with my 3 yr old pit mix that felt wrong but wonder if I'm being too sensitive.
    Her short history: Molly belonged to my neighbor who didn't take good care of her & though I never witnessed it happening nor saw any injuries I believe he was abusive to her. Since I adopted her, she has learned to love people (sometimes a bit obnoxiously) but can still be easily intimidated by a raised voice or fast movement. She is scared at the vet's office to the point that she pees on the floor & exam table no matter what we are there for.
    She is 60 lbs & strong so when she gets her nails clipped at the vet it takes 3 of us to hold on to her to get the job done. One time she was sedated to get treatment on a nail that had broken off badly.

    Most recently Molly had a split all the way up nail that was just starting to lift away from the quick. Being right in the middle of the holidays my regular vet couldn't get her in as soon as I thought she needed to be seen. I called the vet across the street & was able to get in there. When the appointment was made we specifically discussed the likelihood of her needing to be sedated & were given a cost estimate for the procedure.
    Once there they did not sedate her & instead used 5 of their people to hold her down on the ground (1 woman had her knee on her head) & proceeded to cut the nail all the way off & cut the quick off right up to her toe. They finally managed to bandage her up after one of the guys had to go in search of the bandages. They added an empty drip bag cinched on with rubber hosing over the bandage because they were concerned she might bleed through the bandage. Her other front nails were clipped with several of the quicks being nipped. Then we went home with antibiotics & pain pills.
    I can't imagine how painful this was for her & am wondering how I'm even going to get her through the door the next time she needs to go to the vet. To me it seemed inhumane to terrorize her in such a way instead of sedating her. I feel so sad for her to have been treated this way & also sad for other patients of this vet.
    Am I overreacting & this is normal procedure?

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