Any experience with stage 3 Lymphoma?

Jul 10, 2008
SW Texas
My 8yr old Pit X was diagnosed the week after Thanksgiving with Lymphoma.

Starting in mid-November he began to drink and pee more than normal. Then he started having bad gas. On Friday, Nov 25th, he was lethargic and wasn't eating.

Took him to the vet at 10:30 that morning and the vet palpated his abdominal and found a large mass. She then took blood and urine samples and ordered x-rays. She also checked his prostate (he was neutered at 3yrs old) and it was normal sized.

X-rays showed a large mass pressing down on his intestines. Vets says she's never seen a lymph nod get this big, she also tells us his calcium levels and white blood cell count are elevated. His urine was also super diluted like it was going through his kidneys too fast. She sends off the x-rays to a radiologist and the blood to a lab and gives us some antibiotics just in case its some weird UTI or kidney issue.

She calls us later this afternoon and tells us its Lymphoma. The radiologist saw that most of his lymph nods, not including the ones under his jaw, were enlarged and they saw some "bad" lymph cells in the blood. She then told us to just keep him comfortable till its time.:(

I went to the National Canine Cancer Foundation page and it appears that he is at Stage 3. Right now he doesn't appear to be in any pain and yesterday he even ran several laps around the pasture, which he hasn't done in several years.

What have your experiences been like with this? How long did you dog live after diagnosis?