Agility Foundation class

Feb 22, 2012
B.C., Canada
One more Saturday and we are finished until Jan. 5th, 2013.
We have done all the equipment now but I am just running the channel for the weaves until the next session as Lucy won't be a year until Feb. 2nd.

We just did a couple of new pieces of equipment at each class, starting out with the teeter just flat and gradually letting it drop just a few inches, the jumps were only six inches and we did not do a lot of jumping.

We used a clicker and Lucy has a good solid 2o2o on the teeter, A-frame and dog walk. It only took a few times through the chute, first clicking when they came through, then clicking when they were partway through and we dropped it, then she was running right through to get clicked and treated.

I had never done clicker training before but I am sure sold on it now, they learn so fast with it. Lucy is a Shih Tzu x Maltese like Remmy, my other dog that I do Agility with.