2015 Secret Santa Wishlist Thread

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    Madison, WI
    Dog's Name: Watson
    Dog's Breed: Basenji
    Collar Size: 12 inches
    Favourite Treat: anything that does not eat him first
    Favourite Toy: he likes soft squishy ball shaped toys, adores egg babies, he also really enjoys work to eat toy puzzles
    Treats they cannot have: anything made in china, rawhide, we prefer grainfree treats
    Toys they won't use: rubber or plastic toys that are not work to eat
    Anything else!: My guys do not really wear clothing...

    Dog's Name: Menchi
    Dog's Breed: Shar Pei
    Collar Size: 14 inches
    Favourite Treat: she loves chewy, jerky types stuff, especially bison flavor
    Favourite Toy: Soft toys that she can throw around and kill with dramatic head shakes, work to eat toys
    Treats they cannot have: see Watson's entry
    Toys they won't use: see Watson's entry
    Anything else!: the also both adore blankets, pillows and any soft squishy things the can sleep on or in Watson's case under.

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