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    Has anyone else fed their dog crickets?

    I tried once but did not worked.
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    Good dry dog food as a supplement

    Hi Julie Anne, just want to say that puppies become adults at 12 months of age and this is the time when you need to switch their food from puppy food to adult food. At different age dogs need different amount of supplements and nutrients, just like we humans do. Homemade food is not bad for...
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    My dog is refusing to eat for past 2 days

    I don't think there is any harm in giving dogs the food that humans eat (except some like chocolate, cooked bone, etc) . For some days make her eat human food then slowly you can switch her food.
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    Puppy Food Question

    I think for some days you can try some dog food supplier, may be it helps.
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    Dogs & Chocolate & How Much is Deadly

    I have heard too and read a lot that chocolates are not good for dogs and are very dangerous for them but as far I've read or seen nothing much happens to them.
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    Loose tooth

    You should visit a vet before this situation gets worst.
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    Good dog food that is affordable

    You can even go for a dog food supplier like Brooklyn dog food delivery, NYC grass-fed dog food and more. They offer excellent food for dogs and include all the supplements and nutrients in the food that is required for their proper growth.