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  1. ES Happiness

    What are options for classes/competitions?

    I want to do something fun/serious with my english shepherd. He has a lot of energy and is happy when learning. Besides agility (no close facilities), what other types of things could we train for and possibly compete in? Thank you!
  2. ES Happiness

    How to teach a dog to go tee-tee outside in possibly one day!

    Well, only if you have a really smart dog, :), but it IS possible! My grandmama hung a bell on a string by her door and taught the dog to ring a bell. We tried it with our aussies with a great result. Bell, a black tri Aussie, was added to our family at the age of 8 weeks, On day one, we...
  3. ES Happiness

    Searching for cool, new, harness!

    Hi! I was out and about and saw this gal with her dog and he had the most interesting looking harness. It was cushioned and so well made, unlike anything I have seen at the local Petsmart. I asked from whence it came and she said Europe. Dangit! Any ideas on nice, well-made...
  4. ES Happiness

    Go get the kettle Mabel, Annie Fannie's done got us another Possum!

    How many possums does a dog have to kill before I can advertise it as a "First-Rate huntin' dog...guar-an-teed to rid your yard of any varmints!" ? I was washing dishes this morning, and looked out the kitchen window and there was Annie Fannie, taking her morning stroll around the back...
  5. ES Happiness

    Hey yall from Georgia

    Hey everybody! I'm so happy to be here and I"m looking forward to learning a lot and getting to know you all. I own a 2 year old english shepherd, Paddy Bear, a 9 year old chocolate lab, Savannah, and 2 kitties, Abby and Dark Kitty. We used to have 3 horses but eventually re-homed them to...
  6. ES Happiness

    The English Shepherd -AKA "No, I'm not a Border Collie"

    :) Hi all, I'm new here. I have noticed in a few places folks having questions about English Shepherds, wondering how they differ from the more common herding dogs, ie Border Collies and Aussies. While I haven't owned a BC, I have owned and bred Aussies and currently own my first English...