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    Heritage vs Geib vs PawBrothers

    Okey dokey, so before my journey begins to become a dog groomer I need to buy shears. I have to have 8.5" straight, 8.5" curve. 6.5" straight. 6.5" curved with ball tip. 6.5"-7" thinning I sorta kinda want all my shears to be the same brand and match so...I've narrowed it down to 3 brands and...
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    Clipper and Shears HELP

    Hello, Im going to grooming academy and I need stuff teehee First of all I need 2 speed clippers, I'm going andis and i'm wonder what model andis 2 speed????? Second of all I need shears, my problem is I'm weird about stuff not matching, so i want a whole matching set..but the sizes i have...