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  1. lcillustration

    Husky Pups & FOSTERS NEEDED!

    Here are my two newest fosters ;) Ralph & Louis. Very cute, but they will be mini athletes and a ton of work!! They were born to Kali, who is now adopted. She was one of the 97 huskies saved from the Montreal raid. They are available through B.A.R.K. Rescue. This is for anyone in Ottawa...
  2. lcillustration

    Yorkie in Ottawa, ON

    One of our foster girls from B.A.R.K. Rescue here in Ottawa :) She is a sweet little thing...needs lots of loving and confidence training. Not allowed to say which, but she came from a puppy mill in Quebec :mad: She stopped producing puppies, so they dumped her. Lovely.
  3. lcillustration

    Dog Collar Business For Sale

    Hey guys...I don't know if this is in the right section but I thought I'd throw this out there. I've been running for a while now and I love doing it! I really do...but this next year is going to be busy and I plan on traveling + WWOOFING for a few months and there is no...
  4. lcillustration

    Golden Retriever Painting

    This was my last commission of 2009! Now I get to relax a bit until the new year ;) Tiber (on the left) is 11, and Henry, his younger brother, is a big goof at only 2. Thanks for looking!
  5. lcillustration

    English Mastiff female in need!

    Hey I need advice with this one. I'm trying to become a stronger rescuer and I know the 'right' answer...but something inside keeps telling me to help her. I got a call from someone that saved this girl before she was destroyed. The family didn't want her anymore because she nipped...