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    Ahhhhh soosoo pretty! <3 whose her breeder?
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    Earth hour

    Nope- North Dakota
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    as for cages, to keep costs down look at CL, bird cages work great, try and stay under 1/2 inch spacing this is the one we ordered... Medium 3 Level Ferret Chinchilla Sugar Glider Rat Cage - eBay (item 250753274001 end time Feb-05-11 12:39:39 PST)
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    Were getting rats in May!! We currently have 4 meece in our dorm now but want to upgrade for the apt. Boys are alot more chill and cuddly, girls are alot more active. The best i think is to go through the adoption route if your looking for a boy, they come neutered, which is good because they...
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    Amazing Arabian Horses

    The little ones are usually reiners, rodeo horses or even western, bigger ones are more show horses because alot have some TB in them now. Sooo cute i love QH's! And Appendix!!
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    LOST Dog in Minnesota

    Bump still gone!
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    LOST Dog in Minnesota

    Aedan is a sweet 4 year old Vizsla, he got out of his fence last night around 4 pm, he got out of his collar and is a bit skittish, he is short haired so this minnesota cold is not good for him! If anyone has spotted him or found him PLEASE call Sandy at 612-269-9600, he was lost in the...
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    For those with one dog, why do you only have one?

    1. Im a college student 2. I dont have the time/money to commit to another show dog 3. I want to finish all of Fridays titles before starting over 4. Next year ill be living in a 2 bdrm apt with 4 people another dog and a cat.. I think thats enough hahaha
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    Christmas Mice!

    We took the Macy and Moo to go see Santa!!! I would like some treats for Christmas Santa!!!! Moo says 'I dont like thiss!' Madonna says 'oh haiiiiiiii' Macy says 'Oo i was not just going to try and climb out? whach you talkin bout?'
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    an interesting color change

    Wow how cute!! My friend bought her horse a few years ago as a really really dark gray, now He's almost white with black mane and tail! Silly horses!!
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    Freeze Drying Your Pet's Body

    oh my goodness..... thats ummm crazy... do they really need to keep their eyes open?
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    Dogs Stolen At Hotel

    I was just going to put this on here.. Poor things :(
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    There's been an emergency

    Awww Poor baby!!! *deep breaths!!* *Deep breaths!!!* With all these chaz vibes she will be just Peachy :D
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    Remember those dogwood ID tags???

    I got mine yesterday!!!! Its soo cute!! I love it!!! :)
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    Tear staining problems

    Switch her to distilled water... :D
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    "Please put plastic under the crates" ...Why?

    Its just so nothing leaks out of the sides, some boys feel the need to mark in their crates, so we just put a piece of hard plastic inbetween the crates.
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    Mice.. some questions! good pets for kids?

    I vote mouse too! We have 2 of them in our dorm room, we clean their cage ever week (they are in a little mouse cage thing) We got lavander scented bedding too, and a little air freshner. they need a cage, bedding, something to chew on, food, wheel, water bottle, and a toy! They are realllly...
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    Ophie's spay

    My dog was spayed 2 days ago. Shes 3 years old tho and had just come out of a heat cycle, I think thats harder then a girl not been in heat. Shell be pretty out of it the day of and the day after.... just leave her in a room for a while to recover. She can play hard with look till those staples...
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    yup my clinic does too. everyone gets a card and a donation, each dr has there own place the money goes. Loveline- Iowa state and the U of M. very cool
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    Roller blading

    I just got back from doing it!! Its a amazing day!! I played hockey when i was little so im pretty good at skating.. Friday loves it!! Good way to get them in shape