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    Vestibular disorder?

    My 13-year-old Norwich ends up with an odd head tilt and balance issues every time he shakes himself. It generally lasts for only a few seconds. Is this a common symptom of vestibular disorder? I wonder if it's painful - sometimes looks like he's trying to shake himself without moving his head...
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    Teeth cleaning

    Saw the vet yesterday for my dog's annual physical. She recommends a teeth cleaning service without anesthetic - Animal Dental Care Anyone have experience with this? The FAQ says "We treat our patients much like a dentist treats a young child during a first-time dental visit. We use...
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    Pill-popping pets

    (NY Times)---All of the behavioral issues that we have created in ourselves, we are now creating in our pets. That’s why there is a market for these drugs.
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    Twistix treats

    Has anyone tried Twistix wheat-free dog treats? Supposed to remove plaque and tartar and keep the dog busy chewing for a while. Any comments? Ingredients: Rice powder, soy protein concentrate, glycerin, water, natural flavor, cellulose, garlic, sodium hexametaphosphate, citric acid...
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    Slippery floors

    My Norwich terrier refuses to walk on hardwood or tile floors, looks like he's worried about slipping. I've had other Norwich terriers with no such problems. His nails are trimmed properly, not sure what else to do. Any tips? Thanks! Steve
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    Online pharmacies

    Any recommendations for reputable online pharmacies? Thanks!
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    Web pharmacies

    Does anyone have experience with VetRxDirect? They seem to be pretty reputable, but who knows...
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    Joey, my 7-year-old Norwich terrier, died yesterday. He was perfectly normal on Thursday, took him to the park for a walk at noon. Around 1:30 he had a bout of diarrhea, first time he's had diarrhea since I've had him (about 2 years). He looked pretty miserable, so at 2:00 I took him to the...
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    Eating wood

    My Norwich terrier has developed a taste for wood. When I take him to the park, he eats wood chips and chunks of tree bark. Then when he poops the next day, we have a problem - he'll hunch over, then walk a few steps and hunch over again because he can't push it out. This requires a manual...
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    Easy-grip leash?

    Looking for a 4-foot leash that's easy to grip anywhere along its length. Most leashes seem to be too thin/narrow to get a good grip without wrapping them around your hand. Any recommendations? Thanks! ...Steve
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    Teeth cleaning

    Anyone use dental wipes? They seem awfully expensive, looks like they're mostly baking soda? Are they effective?
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    Dehydrated food?

    I mostly use Precise Sensicare dry food, but like to mix in just a little moist food (maybe a teaspoon) to make it more palatable. Had been using NRG dehydrated food, but it's no longer carried locally. Any suggestions? Probably can't use canned food, it would likely go bad before finishing it...
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    Just reviewed the vet's file on my 7-year-old male Norwich terrier. I was kinda startled to see how much his weight has fluctuated - 14.6 3/23/05 16.6 7/6/05 + 14% 13.5 6/26/06 - 16% 16.4 5/18/07 + 21% 14.6 6/8/07 - 11% All weights were taken on the same scale. Does...
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    Do you feed your dog once a day? I've been feeding my Norwich terrier twice a day because he'd always been fed that way (got him at age 6), just noticed in the official Norwich book they say once a day should be fine.
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    Teeth cleaning

    Asked the vet for approx cost of cleaning the teeth on my Norwich terrier (7 years old) - would be $370. Sounds pretty high to me. Do you have your dog's teeth cleaned, or maybe do it yourself? I guess some groomers do this? How much do you pay?
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    Signature file

    How do folks add all those pictures to their posts? Tried to upload a sig photo, keep getting message: can't save file. Also tried thru, get message: Unable to save image. Must be doing something wrong...
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    Should dogs have annual physical exam?

    Do you take your dog to the vet every year for a checkup, even if there are no apparent health issues? Or is this considered a waste of time and money? The prevailing opinion for routine human physicals seems to be changing, just wondering if it's the same for dogs...
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    Crate pad - what do you use?

    If your dog sleeps in a crate, what do you use for bedding? Old sheets or thrift store stuff or official crate pads from the pet store or something else? Thanks!
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    Should adult dogs be given worming meds regularly, or only when symptoms are present? Any particular med recommendations? Thanks!
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    Crate pads

    Has there been any scientific study of crate pads, which might be best? There are lots of pads that look comfy, but who knows whether the dog really likes it... Any recommendations?