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    I don't even know where to begin really. I honestly don't even know how to say what I want to. So forgive me if it doesn't all make sense. Some of you already know this via FB. Ivan(Ch. Highland's Seeing in Blk & Wht CGC) April 30th, 2005-Oct 22nd, 2014 He was the one who gave me the...
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    2014 St. Paddy's day photos

    And In honor of continuing the tradition set by big brother Ivan.
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    Dear Peewee, Thank you for giving us 15 wonderful years. And for watching my kids grow up and for being a furry best friend to Steven. Even though as you aged, you thought the rules didn't apply to you anymore. You did well big guy, you did well. And even though Phoebe will never take your...
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    More pictures

    So does she belong in the chaz puppies 2013 or chaz puppies 2014 thread? LOL 2 liters are NOT too big for Phoebe. And no I'm not getting much done around here, if you can't judge that for yourselves by seeing my straw covered rug. And for the puppy feet lovers on the forum. A non-spotty...
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    Phoebe Sorry if you have already seen these on FB.
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    Collar help again.

    Collar help guys. I need some collar links. I need pretty, but no bling, preferably a limited slip, so no leather. And either a lime green or lime green/purple combo. I love the way the white pine collars last, fit and feel. But they don't have the green I'm looking for. HELP please.
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    Soft sided crate Question

    Does anyone know where I can get a reasonably priced soft-sided crate? And is there any that you have liked more than others? I need to get one so that we/I can move Ivan into my bedroom easily and quickly when we have people come over.
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    Picture time

    Thought I would share some new photos of Ivan and what hes been up to this week. My dirty boy. Ivan and Lacy. Lacy is not mine, I'm dog sitting for the week. She is so bloody little compared to Ivan. And hes not all that big. And a video of them playing.
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    Thunder shirt question

    Question for you guys. Could I in theory take a blanket and wrap it tight around Peewee similar to a thunder shirt? Trying to come up with ways to make him feel more secure during the night and apparently day from hell? He is so terrified of the fireworks. Last night we shut all the curtains...
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    Need a bit of help guys. Ivan and I are going to a show this weekend(4 days). What can I use to keep them off him. Its got to be something relatively inexpensive, not going to mess his coat up and safe to use for/on him. Not sure how these things would work. but what is your opinion...
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    UGG Starting to feel nervous

    So back in January I get this bright idea to do one last confo show with Ivan before his big date with the dr. to neuter him. I picked one the end of May, that had a combination specialty in it. So I paid my campsite fees and the entry fees. Well they put the preliminary counts up. OMG Majors...
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    "Happy" tail

    Ok guys, I need a bit of help. For the past 4to 6ish months I have been battling against Ivan and his "happy" tail. NO idea why anyone would call it happy tail, its anything but. Short of cutting the last 2 inches off his tail, what can I do? The worst part is it starts to heal, gets down to...
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    thinning a dogs coat

    Its that time of year again. And I have noticed that peewee is not shedding his coat like he should. Last year we had to have him shaved down despite my attempts at getting all the dead hair out. So this year I started earlier, and its happening again. What can I do to not have to shave him...
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    Ivan has met his match

    Short clip of the dogs playing today. Of course we have to have the old fuddy duddy, I want to play Mr. Policeman Peewee in the mix. LOL hopefully it works. If not here is another link to it.
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    Treadmill help.

    I finally convinced the husband we need to get a treadmill. But I'm having a bit of a problem finding the "one". Primarly my husband, Ivan and I will be using it, with hopefully the daughter occasionally. My husband is 6' 230ish pounds, I am, 4'10' and about 130, Ivan is a 50 pound dog, the...
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    A dane, dalmatian and the old man

    Vesper and my daughter. In the snow. My boys The old man of the house. All three together, sort of.
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    Switching a dogs food

    I currently have a 4 yr old great dane here. That is expected to be here for 4 to 6 months. She is currently on pedigree(YUCK). She also gets a joint supplement and skin and coat supplement. Along with a digestive powder and gas X(to prevent bloating). Now my thing is I want to put her on raw...
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    The SS pictures

    The box. Opening the gifts. I had a bit of trouble getting Ivan to help. He knows wrapped things hes not supposed to open. Peewee and his bully stick. All of the presents, except mine. What Ivan thinks of bully sticks or things to chew on in general. Not many of Peewee and the presents...
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    Our SS arrived today. Photos coming as soon as I get them all resized. Thank you Elizabeth.
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    Not even sure it is possible with these 3 (Ivan, Peewee and Hazel) but I thought if it was, this would be the place to come. Since we moved in June, Hazel has become strictly an indoor cat. In the last week she has finally ventured out from her end of the house. Which is no problem. The...