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  1. setter-chick

    LOST Dog in Minnesota

    Aedan is a sweet 4 year old Vizsla, he got out of his fence last night around 4 pm, he got out of his collar and is a bit skittish, he is short haired so this minnesota cold is not good for him! If anyone has spotted him or found him PLEASE call Sandy at 612-269-9600, he was lost in the...
  2. setter-chick

    Christmas Mice!

    We took the Macy and Moo to go see Santa!!! I would like some treats for Christmas Santa!!!! Moo says 'I dont like thiss!' Madonna says 'oh haiiiiiiii' Macy says 'Oo i was not just going to try and climb out? whach you talkin bout?'
  3. setter-chick

    Bronco Vs. Lil Fry

    Ive been just lookin around here for a while now, so now I have decided to become more active!! I would like to introduce you to my kids!! Bronco is a 4 1/2 y/o am. CH Gordon Setter Friday is the new kid on the block, she is a 3 1/2 month old Wire Fox terrier puppy. 100lbs vs 10 lbs...
  4. setter-chick


    Hi Im Claire and I have 2 dogs Gracie and Bronco a WFT and a GS. :) :)