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  1. Bailey08

    What Training "Rules" Do You Break?

    There's a lot of conventional wisdom around here (not talking about Cesar Milan-esque dominance theories), and I'm interested in those you choose not to follow. :) With my particular dogs, I'm not following conventional wisdom about resource guarding. I'm letting my dogs work it out...
  2. Bailey08

    Before & After

    Sorry for more crummy iPhone pics (that I don't know how to resize), but at least they're of a puppy! :) Someone found some dirt: And then got hosed down in the sink...and had some zoomies...and stayed still for a brief period of time: ...Then she rolled around in...
  3. Bailey08

    Anxiety Medications

    Apologies, because I know this thread is probably duplicative of others... (I think PWC had one recently but I couldn't find it?) Anyway, I would appreciate hearing from people who have experience with prescription anxiety medication for their dogs. Bailey and I have an appointment tomorrow...
  4. Bailey08

    Grace (Golden Puppy Cuteness)

    She's been here a month already! It's been crazy, of course, which is why I don't have enough pics and haven't posted them before, but here are a handful of puppy pics! We spent a lot of time in the airport, lol (8 wks): Hanging out at the new place: Sandbox...
  5. Bailey08


    Does anyone here have experience with Adequan to share? Bailey has been doing physical rehab for his back legs; one of his legs is slightly longer than the other, causing him to favor one, resulting in a lack of muscle development in one of the legs. (As an aside, I followed up on this...
  6. Bailey08

    Your Dog's Public v. Private Personas

    How do you think your perceptions of your dog differ from the general public's? Does your dog behave differently in public versus private? It's always interesting to me how people "see" Bailey. I think the two most remarked-upon personality traits are his happy disposition and his bond with...
  7. Bailey08

    How did you decide on #2 (or 3, or more)?

    This has been on my mind a lot lately. I've been playing around with the idea of getting a second dog, and have even gone so far as to meet a breeder a couple of times. But I'm not sure that I am ready, or that Bailey is, nor do I know how to "know." I brought it up to B's trainer today...
  8. Bailey08

    Breed Recommendations for a Friend

    I have a good who is interested in getting a dog for her family. Family includes two little ones and their parents. Dad stays at home and was raised on a farm and always had dogs. Their wants: -- Good temperament, good with kids -- Medium to large size -- Nonshedding (ideally)...
  9. Bailey08

    Vibes for Bailey, Please!

    My Bailey Boy is scheduled dental surgery for tomorrow. He'll probably have an extraction, though we'll wait to see what the x-rays show and I'll want to hear what the specialist recommends. He's had a broken tooth for a while, but it became infected very recently. I knew about the tooth...
  10. Bailey08

    New Bully Neighbor

    I'm not trying to borrow trouble, but I am trying to be thoughtful about a new situation and would appreciate the advice of the Chaz experts. We are moving into a new duplex. I met the new neighbors today, and they are very nice. They have a lovely male bully; he was sweet as pie when I met...
  11. Bailey08

    crap at my parents' house

    Pretty funny! crap at my parents house And my personal favorite (because my family has actually memorized this movie): I?m pretty sure my mom was Stacy from Wayne?s... - crap at my parents house
  12. Bailey08


    Hope it's okay that this isn't in training as it's more of a general question (in addition to a training one!). While I'm an avid Chaz reader, I am not the trainer many of you are, so please be gentle. :) Bailey has had to transition recently from a SFH set back from a relatively quiet...
  13. Bailey08

    The Office

    Anyone else upset that Steve Carell is leaving at the end of next season? :(
  14. Bailey08

    Your dog(s) and other dogs -- what has changed over time?

    I'm sure it'll depend on your breed in many instances. ;) I have been thinking about this recently with Bailey. When he was a puppy, it was "omg-I-loooooove-dogs," all the time. When he was in puppy classes, he would scream in frustration when it wasn't puppy socialization time. I was...
  15. Bailey08

    Bailey got banged up :(

    We went to the dog beach today -- our favorite weekend activity. :) On the way in, he was racing down the boardwalk to the beach, and wiped out. He acted fine after and I laughed at him for forgetting his brakes. When we were leaving, he came out of the water and starting favoring one of his...
  16. Bailey08

    Eye drops/flush?

    Maybe this is silly, but here it goes anyway. :) We have been spending time at the dog beach on weekends. B has a tendency to get sand everywhere! I flush his ears out with ear wash (from the vet; he has a a tendency to get ear infections), but wonder if I need to do anything for his eyes...
  17. Bailey08

    How do you know when you're ready for two?

    I've been wanting a second, well, practically since I got Bailey (who just turned 2 himself). I'm less concerned with the cost, housing, etc. than I am with the thought that I could become overwhelmed by dogs. I've seen it happen with family members, and I've felt that way in the past (with...
  18. Bailey08

    Would you clone your dog?

    My post in the rescue history thread got me thinking. Putting aside practicalities regarding how it would be done (;)), would you clone your dog(s)? Or would you prefer to get a different, perhaps complementary, dog? I would totally clone mine. He's not perfect, but he's perfect to me and...
  19. Bailey08

    CL "Rescue"

    I could use some advice. :) There is a dog on Craigslist that has been driving me crazy. Poor baby is left outside (and it's really cold right now) and has an eye infection that looks very painful. I'm sure it's not the worst Craigslist has seen, but it almost makes me cry every time I...
  20. Bailey08

    Deer Trimmings

    Help! I heard from someone who can help me get deer trimmings for what seems to be a great price. Here's what he said: "It is the trimmings from a processing plant and is frozen in gallon cans at $4.00 for unground and $5.00 for ground. A gallon is approximately 6 pounds." Sounds good...