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  1. Shannerson

    mx gallery

    way fun to see......mixed breeds, how I want to to this for my pup!Wisdom Panel MX Gallery
  2. Shannerson

    New puppy breeds guess?

    So we got a new puppy, her name is Lucy. Her mom was a stray that had a litter which was brought to the animal shelter. I only saw her brother and he looked pretty similar to her, just heavier boned, bigger head. She has a very petite feminine face. Looks quite a bit like our border...
  3. Shannerson

    Your opinion?

    So, I am wanting to adopt a dog, a 6 month old who has been exposed to ticks, even had an infected tick bite (am in MN) and has not had a lymes vaccination. What are the chances he will get lymes or some other disease? He had the infected bite at 4 months and is healthy now.....What would you...
  4. Shannerson

    MN rescue GSD for adoption

    Isn't this girl so gorgeous?!!
  5. Shannerson

    Gerbil pups

    Arent these guys (and gals) so cute? I am always amazed at how quickly they grow. Need to take come more pictures. I breed just for myself but if anyone is interested in some nice healthy gerbils.....sorry images are so big
  6. Shannerson

    Border Terriers

    Ok, so I've taken all the breed selectors I can find online and I know some are not very accurate, but I have gotten the border terrier as #1 or 100% most of the times. So now I am curious about the breed. I'm going to look at past threads on them, but if anyone wants to talk about them. I...
  7. Shannerson

    Web site breed reviews

    Anyone checked out this site yet?
  8. Shannerson

    petfinder what-am-I?

    What a cutey--what do you think I am, says golden mix....
  9. Shannerson

    stove buying

    Is a glass stove top the way to go? Anyone have one break from too much weight? thanks.
  10. Shannerson

    Best with kids...

    Which dog breeds are known to be better with young children? I know no breed is fool-proof, but I am curious as to everyone's experience what they think are the "best" breeds for a family with little kids. (well-behaved kids, of course). I know my border collie/samoyed mix is excellent with...
  11. Shannerson

    Biewer video

    OH, how cute are these biewers! Link here to a breeder with video. I "almost" want one. Never had a toy breed though.
  12. Shannerson

    "Easy" to train breeds

    In your opinion which breeds are the easiest to train? We really appreciate our border collie/samoyed's level of trainability. He is so quick to catch on, and understands body language so well. Our next dog will probably also be a shelter dog, I was thinking purebred but .... We like our dogs...
  13. Shannerson

    Yay, new gerbil!

    I could not resist this little lonely cutie. She is a nutmeg, guessing 5 weeks? Isn't she cute? Now a name....
  14. Shannerson

    Clipping those darn nails..

    Okay, so Faris has the lovely black nails and I HATE clipping them, as does he hate getting them trimmed. I bought a more expensive clippers but I feel like that is even more dangerous than the smaller cheaper versions because it is soo sharp. Anyone buy the "peticure" I see advertised on TV...
  15. Shannerson


    Does anyone know what other non-AKC dogs are shown with them? I want to go to a show in May to see some rarer breeds but their site does not say anything about it. Thanks!!!!!
  16. Shannerson

    Support petfinder.....infant outfit

    This is so cute I just had to link it. If you know anyone with a baby, get this as the cutest gift and support a rescue. I'm thinking about getting it for my own.
  17. Shannerson

    schnauzer/poodle mix on petfinder

    Here is a poor little guy in MN.
  18. Shannerson

    Cocker with natural tail

    Hi all, I am such a nut, researching so many breeds. I've got over 100 dog breed books and I just know I will end up with another rescue anyway which is fine, but I just laugh at myself. I guess I enjoy learning about them all. Does anyone know of a breeder of cockers (am or engl) that...
  19. Shannerson

    Your opinion on breed for.....

    HI everyone. I have not posted for awhile. Just finished interning and now am done with school! Yay. Anyway, back to dog subject. In a year or so, maybe sooner we will be ready for another dog. I've always wanted to do visitation/therapy work at nursing homes and for people getting...
  20. Shannerson

    Minnesota DFL John Lesch to ban breeds I was so mad when I read about this in my local paper. When will the stupidity stop and the real perpretrators of crimes be punished? I just don't understand it. No one with any...