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  1. Rose's Gal

    Question for all of your bird lovers...would a Keet and Teil get along?

    Oh, I don't think that Keets are a lesser bird, I just like Teils. lol And all of the birds I've seen in the stores are older birds. Not old enough to have their cere change either brown or blue, but they aren't young either...I don't know if that makes sense though. lol Hmmm....I've never...
  2. Rose's Gal

    Question for all of your bird lovers...would a Keet and Teil get along?

    I was reading about it and alot of people were saying that the Keet would most difinitally be the thing to worry about, but alot of people seem to house the birds together with no problems. Some people were saying that the Keet would kill the Teil, others were saying that they could, and others...
  3. Rose's Gal

    Question for all of your bird lovers...would a Keet and Teil get along?

    I'm going to be getting a new cage for my Parakeet and while I was shopping around, I realized that Parakeets do much better in pairs than by themselves. I've had Abby (my Parakeet) for three years now. She still refuses to let me handle her, so she doesn't get a lot of one-on-one time. I let...
  4. Rose's Gal

    top 10 dogs you will love to own

    1. Neapolitan Mastiff 2. Rottie 3. Mastiff (in general...English, French, whatever.) 4. Aussie Cattle Dog 5. Chocolate or Black Labrador (not yellow) 6. Akita 7. Boxer 8. Bullodg 9. Pit Bull Terrier 10. German Shepherd, Doberman, and American Bulldog! lol
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    Help me pick my next breed

    I was thinking about a Dane mix too...I don't really know about the Wolfhound because while they are sweet, they are a sighthound and may chase cats. Same with the Rhodisian. But if it were me, I'd get a Great Dane mix and say it was just that, a mix. I would also go for the Mastiff...
  6. Rose's Gal

    what breed is this?

    If it's pure, I have NO But if it is a mix, it looks like a Pointer/American Bulldog mix, or a Greyhound/American Bulldog mix
  7. Rose's Gal

    Who's my daddy? Mom is a chow...

    I'd say either Golden or Collie. SHe kinda looks like my friends Chow/Collie/Lab mix, only Angel has short fur and not shaggy fur.
  8. Rose's Gal

    What other pets do y'all have?

    Aside from our two dogs and the new pup we're raising, I have: two Dwarf Hamsters one Syrian Hamster one G. Pig one Parakeet one Ferret (going to be two once Spring break hits!) and one fat old cat lol :p
  9. Rose's Gal

    Looking for another Fert!

    Well, since I have a new HUGE cage for Casey, and since spring break is coming up soon and I'll be home a lot, I've decided that I want to get a playmate for her! (In other words, another Fuzzbutt! :) ) I was first going to buy one from the place I got Casey, but I figured that there was...
  10. Rose's Gal

    Parti Poodles

    I know that Parti Poodles can not be shown. I don't really know if their is a health issue that goes with these dogs' markings (kinda like a white Boxer or a Dappled Dachshund). I really don't think a Parti Poodle is a designer dog, although any breeder who is trying to breed these is a bad...
  11. Rose's Gal

    What are your favorite dog breeds? (Top 5)

    Neapolitian Mastiff English Masttif Douge de Bordeaux Bulldog Pit Bull American Bulldog Rottie Boxer ACD GSD Labrador Malamute Akita Chow Ibizan Hound Pharoah Hound Basenji and last but not least.... Shih Tzus!!!! :D
  12. Rose's Gal

    Pictures of Sadie!!

    She already is a very smart pup and thank you all for your compliments! I do have a predicament though...we can't find a puppy kindergarten class for her. I just need a place that she can be socialized with other dogs, and we can't take her to the petsmart class because we can't free hand her...
  13. Rose's Gal

    Pictures of Sadie!!

    Ok, so here is the Leader Dog pup we are raising, the cute, cuddly, nippy, chewy, insane pup....Sadie!!! So there she is!! She has grown a bit since these pics, but she still looks the same!
  14. Rose's Gal

    help me find a dog

    I have an awsome breed for you!! It is called a stuffed dog and I would suggest the Gund brand or the TY brand. They withstand the loving affection of a 1-2 year old, they don't jump, they don't bite, and they don't bark! What more could you want from a dog? No offense, but a dog is going...
  15. Rose's Gal

    So angry!!

    OMG, how rude was that?!?! :mad: I would have spat back, "my dog is the best dog in the world and excuse me if I saved a poor soul from a shelter, and I don't care about how much I paid for my dog!" That is just so rude...I bet she would have thought that my two mutts were absolutly worthless...
  16. Rose's Gal

    Which is better? (opinions?)

    I use both at the same time. Blackie responds better to verbal, Rose to hand signals, and Sadie to hand signals. Normally they learn what the hand signal means first, and then they pair that with the word. Personally, I like hand signals because I think it would be totally cool to give your dog...
  17. Rose's Gal

    I have a new pup!

    Wow, it has been FOREVER since I've been on here! But some of you may recall that I had signed up to be a puppy raiser for the Leader Dogs for the Blind. Well, we've got the puppy and she is a doll!!! Her name is Sadie and she is a seven week old (I know...a little young) female black lab...
  18. Rose's Gal

    Anybody else gonna watch Finding Nemo tonight?

    Ya, it was on ABC. I watched some of it and so did Blackie and Rose! lol Dad had actually let them inside (I just about died of shock), so they stayed in for about an hour or so watching Finding Nemo with us! Then I had to put them back outside because Dad hadn't wanted them to stay in that...
  19. Rose's Gal

    Collars 101

    One thing you didn't mention with the Martingale Collar...dogs have a very hard time slipping out of it! :D I recentally got one for Blackie and I couldn't be I don't have a fear of him slipping his collar to go chase a dog. And since it tightens, I can leave it on semi-loose so...
  20. Rose's Gal

    Your opinion on breeds...

    Sporting Group - Probably a Lab :) Hound Group - Dachshund! And Basset Hounds. And then for the sighthounds, I like: Basenjis, Pharoah Hounds, and Ibizan Hounds. Working Group - Rotties, Akitas, Malamutes, Mastiffs, and Boxers! Terrier Group - American Staffordshire Terrier, and the...