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    Introducing my first foster

    Wow, he's so adorable! I'd be tempted to keep him. LOL.
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    Foster Dog Update

    Oh, wow. She looks so good! You found her a fantastic home. And how nice that they send you pictures so you can see how good she is doing.
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    Don't mean to whine

    I'm sorry. Hang in there. The weekend is coming.
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    you can buy them all the nicest beds...

    I can so relate to this. My boys often sleep anywhere but on their beds. And like yours, my dogs have a number of beds to choose from. A few weeks ago, I saw this . . . Part of him made it on the bed, anyway. :rolleyes:
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    Dogs with children...

    Check out this site: Dogs& It will help. :)
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    What should I do?

    Oh, and you could leave a message on your voice mail saying something like, "If this is Shawn from Guaranteed Pest Services, stop calling me. I'm not Tammy and I'm not interested in your services."
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    What should I do?

    Well, at least they aren't engaging in false advertising with the company name. Guaranteed Pests indeed.
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    We got a new puppy.

    Wow, she's just gorgeous! She looks like a real sweetie.
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    Guesses on Breeds?

    Sorry about your grandfather. I definitely see GSD . . . not sure what else. He's a gorgeous boy, though!
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    My Foster Dog Update

    It sounds like a really good home for her. I'm sure it will be hard--just remember the time you've had with her. You did a GREAT thing by taking her in until she found the right place.
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    I believe I can fly

    Wow, she really can fly! And doesn't look like she gets travel sick. :D
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    Totally belongs on the rescue board...

    What a sweet face! I hope you're able to find a place for him soon.
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    Quick! Talk me out of it!

    This is not the place to come if you want to be talked OUT of getting another dog. Most of us will be happy to talk you into it. :p
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    My Foster Dog Update

    Fingers crossed! Hope it works out for the best.
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    Want Want Want Want Want

    Oh, he is a cute little guy!
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    I need vibes, please

    Sorry to hear this. Hope you are able to get the money together quickly! Poor Mia. Sounds like it's pretty painful for her.
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    I've Never Been So Devastated

    I'm so sorry. That's just heartbreaking. :( I'm glad he had a wonderful home with you until the end.
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    My dog, Charlie died

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I was really hoping for a better outcome. My thoughts are with you and Sam.
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    Would you take your young child to pick out a dog?

    When I rescued Cupid from the Humane Society, I saw a number of other families with kids there. One I will always remember. The young girl (between 5-7--I'm not great at gauging age) was cuddling a chihuahua when the mom came into the small dog room and told her to put the dog back in the...
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    my first foster kitty - needs a home!

    Wow, she's gorgeous! Bless you for taking her in. Hope she finds a great home soon.