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  1. Tortilla

    Summer is Here (lots of pics)

    Here are some pictures of what we have been up to lately. :) Both dogs are doing awesome. Paris and I are having a lot of fun in our training and learning lots. She is amazing. Seamus continues to be hilarious and makes me laugh pretty much constantly. Last week we did...
  2. Tortilla

    Recent-ish Pics

    I haven't really posted here in a while so thought I would share some pictures of Seamus and Paris from the past couple months. Paris is fifteen months old now and is just wonderful. We have been doing agility classes and are having so much fun. Seamus is turning ten this year and continues to...
  3. Tortilla

    Paris in the snow and some of Seamus not being impressed

    These are from last week but I thought I'd share them on here as well. More
  4. Tortilla

    Seamus and Paris' Secret Santa

    THANKS SO MUCH DEVAN!!!! They love absolutely everything! :D You are AWESOME. There is a package for us! Paris thinks that opening presents is the best. YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG you're supposed to pose with these presents first. Seamus LOVES this toy .. it's easily his new...
  5. Tortilla

    Hike today

    I posted these on Facebook but figured I would post them here as well. Today my brother and I and the dogs went on a hike at a nearby provincial park with my friend and her dogs. The merle BC is a relative of Paris and her most favouritest dog ever. Seamus 'OMG carry me!'...
  6. Tortilla

    Fall Pictures and Stuff

    EDIT-- whoops! Wrong forum! Can someone move this for me please? I've posted these on Facebook, but I'll post some here as well. Paris is nine months old now and certainly looking more and more adult. Where has the time gone? :rofl1: Our $13 Hurtta winter jacket...
  7. Tortilla

    Are any of your family members 'dog people?'

    I was kind of thinking of this today. Both of my parents like dogs but aren't 'dog people,' and I don't know that they would own dogs independently. My grandmother used to breed Norwegian Elkhounds when my father was a kid, but that was obviously ages ago and she wasn't involved in showing them...
  8. Tortilla

    Paris is growing up!

    Because I'm reminded that I never post pictures! I'm really bad about taking them, so here are a few from instagram. From today! She turned seven months old. It feels like her puppyhood literally flew by. Super muddy on a walk. Last weekend we drove down to Ohio for a family...
  9. Tortilla

    Paris has sprouted legs!

    My friend came over last week to take some pictures of Paris (since I am a horrible photographer and didn't want her puppyhood to slip by with no pictures)! Paris was nearly thirteen weeks old in these pictures; she is nearly fourteen weeks old now. She is an AWESOME puppy, really friendly and...
  10. Tortilla

    For Canadians (and some Americans)

    DON'T YOU HATE THIS YEAR'S ROLL UP THE RIM??? Even though there are supposedly double the odds with two 'roll ups' I find that I'm winning NOTHING. Last year, I swear, I won on like every other coffee. This year, I've won maybe three or so times AND I DRINK LIKE FOUR COFFEES A DAY (I know, I...
  11. Tortilla

    Paris is here!

    So as many of you know, Paris came home yesterday! She's awesome, and I'm already so in love with this little dog. We had her brother for a day which was a lot of fun. The closest thing we have to a family picture yet. Seamus isn't too enthused. Desert dog loves the...
  12. Tortilla

    Introducing ...

    My new puppy. :) It is...... AGATE!
  13. Tortilla

    Our SS Arrived!!

    First of all, thanks SOOOOO much to PWCorgi who really went above and beyond. The stuff is absolutely fantastic and I'm so appreciative! Seamus LOVES everything and the gifts were so thoughtful, I really can't thank you enough. Secondly, sorry for the crappy iPhone pics. I was too excited to...
  14. Tortilla


    I know we had this thread once a whiiiiile back, but I think we have lots of new members and I know I don't follow any chazzers on instagram. Who's got it? My username is torrrz and I mostly post dog pictures, as I'm sure you can imagine! Anyone else have it? I'm always down to follow more...
  15. Tortilla

    Our Secret Santa Arrived!

    Bahahhaha j/k no it didn't! I got it confused with a secret santa from another board! Feel free to delete this thread. :p I feel like such a moron! :rofl1:
  16. Tortilla

    The bullystick chronicles

  17. Tortilla


    I don't really have much to say, I feel completely destroyed. Came home this evening and she could barely move and was breathing really weird. We rushed her to the vet who said that she had had a heart attack, so we let her go. I am having a really, really hard time with this. She was my...
  18. Tortilla

    Thanksgiving through my iPhone

    I went up to my father's this weekend for Canadian Thanksgiving and saw my two little brothers .. this was the first time I brought Seamus along. He LOVES kids and loved the boys which was awesome. He's such a good dog. Here are a few pics from instagram. My favourite pic from the weekend...
  19. Tortilla

    Our Secret Santa arrived!

    Fran, you're the best! Looks like the package was damaged in the mail .. Thanks Canada Post! Sally is almost fourteen and a bit of a diva in her old age (read: uncooperative), so most of the pictures just include Seamus .. seeing as he was MORE than eager to check out the package...
  20. Tortilla

    Ahhhh! Sociology!

    Okay so I'm the world's worst procrastinator. :p