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  1. Road dog

    Christmas pics of our girls

    Dakota and Faith opening their Christmas stockings!
  2. Road dog

    Dreaming of freedom.

    New Years Day Dakota had a little accident. She got her hind leg caught between two metal steps on an RV. This resulted in her tearing one of her nails off. The vet had to completely remove the remains of that nail. Doctor's orders were that she be kept quiet for a week, with daily bandage...
  3. Road dog

    Off leash walking?

    Who here walks their dogs off leash. I take mine out for a long romp nightly, weather permitting. In urban areas this is more difficult, but out in the rural area where I live nobody minds as long as the dogs are well behaved. I usually meet other folks doing the same thing. IMO I think...
  4. Road dog

    Oh my freaking GOD!

    So I come in from work today and Roxy corners me with a story about HER day... A woman walked into her store and declaired "my dog stinks, what can I do about it?" Roxy begins leads to the grooming section, and asking questions of the owner to get information that will help her reccomend...
  5. Road dog

    A tough call.

    I guess I just need to get this off my chest. We have Ramone, a Chihuahua who was abandoned outside the Petco where Roxy works. She brought him home so he wouldn't have to sit in a tiny cage in their grooming department while they tried to figure out what do do with him. We've fostered...
  6. Road dog

    For Buddy's Parrents

    Ok BP, you asked me for pics of the furkids! Here they are! Enjoy! Dakota... Faith... Dakota and Faith... Ramone...
  7. Road dog

    How old am I?

    I don't consider myself very old, but as a volounteer steam engineering instructor I spend a lot of time with people younger than me. Sometimes I talk about things I remember from my childhood and they look at me as if I am a walking museum. I don't know the average age of folks here on this...
  8. Road dog

    First time here.

    Looks like a fun place you've got here! These are the kids :D