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    Happy Birthday Huckleberry T. Finn!

    Sort of. I think I'm a week off, but anyway! Huck a few days before she came to Colorado, when we thought she was a he: And a year later: She's a pretty cool cat and I can't say enough good about the awesome start Smkie and Hyia have her.
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    Departure from the norm

    A friend of mine is due to have her first kid in April and she asked me to do her Baby Bump pictures. Totally not my normal gig and the weather decided to not cooperate once we got to the location. Nice and sunny in Idaho Springs; cloudy and snowing in Winter Park. :P Here's my favorite from...
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    I've always had a thing for this breed. I've met a few, but it's been awhile. What do you know about them? I wish Cleo's person was still on Chaz.
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    Little vibes for Sawyer?

    His back is giving him some serious issues right now. He got nailed at the park a month or so ago, seemed ok, has been chasing the cat around and wiping out on the hardwood. My brother keeps tossing toys so he's jumps and torques in mid-air. Last night's session of "rollover" I think was the...
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    Teacup pigs--NEED THE CONS

    So three of my coworkers all live together. The one who is known for making rash, rather ill-considered decisions is about 25 seconds away from ordering a Teacup Pig online. His reasoning is that they're smart but he doesn't have to deal with dog hair. One of our vendors has one and has been...
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    SS pics!

    Thank you so much, SitStay! Everything is PERFECT! LOOT! A super soft and warm amazing scarf, some great treats that both Sawyer AND Huck like, a couple of new Chuck-it balls, one of those plush toys with the water bottle inside, a stellar collar and a great "I <3 Australian Shepherds" magnet...
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    The Crafty Thread!

    Post what you're working on, what you need help with, what you're giving a try! I just finished "Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth" on the straight needles. I was about 8 rounds into a hat on the circulars, then got too distracted and really messed up, so I just finished ripping that out. For...
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    Vibes for Grammy's daughter Jan (NashNSeeger)

    She's dealing with some very serious health issues right now. Please send some Chazzer thoughts, vibes, prayers, whatever you've got!
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    Just one--sunset

    Took this a few weeks ago, finally got around to loading it. sunset by Stephanie Owen/CrazyDog Photography, on Flickr
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    The FurCrew

    Sawyer! Sawyer by Stephanie Owen/CrazyDog Photography, on Flickr Doing what he loves best, running with a ball in his mouth: running by Stephanie Owen/CrazyDog Photography, on Flickr This is what Marley does best after a day at the park: Marley by Stephanie Owen/CrazyDog...
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    Life isn't fair!

    I'm being offered this puppy. He sounds amazing, already mostly housebroken, incredibly eager and serious about learning...and it's just not responsible of me to take him. I mentioned to the breeder about my hours and she was like "take him to work with you and leave him in the car? I do that...
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    Need help--work thing

    My dealership has been chosen to pilot a new program called "Send Me A Friend" for not only our company, but ALL OF SUBARU. O_o It's a referral program. What you do is sign up as a Referrer and then pass my info along to someone in search of a car (I do all brands of pre-owned along with new...
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    Scentsy Monster Monday Sale!

    Each Monday in October, Scentsy is picking a variety of products to put up on sale and marking them down as much as 75%! The only catch is that it is TODAY ONLY. Just go to: to see what is available today and don't forget to check in each...
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    Morale boosters?

    Our new GM has been sucking the life and soul out of this place and everyone is starting to put out feelers for other jobs, myself included. However, I would love to be able to get the morale back up, at least a little bit. There has been a lot of bickering and back-stabbing happening, which was...
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    I've been reinstated! *Scentsy*

    I got the email this morning that my account has been turned back on! So anyone who is needing any awesome smelling things that are non-headache inducing, won't burn your house down, safe for people and pets, etc. etc. just follow the link! Go here for the greatness
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    Vibes for Sawyer please!

    My bf was cleaning out the fridge earlier today and threw away the half pan of double dark chocolate brownies that had been in there for awhile. He didn't tell me this or take the trash out before taking another load of stuff over to the new place. Marley gets into the trash when she gets...
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    Early morning heart attack

    Huck sleeps in bed with us, sometimes on the pillow, sometimes snuggled into some warm spot in the crook of a knee or an arm. This morning, he had settled in between my bf and I. I woke to see where he was at, felt a little lump halfway under my bf and freaked out, threw off the covers and...
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    Huckleberry pics

    I finally got a chance to pull my camera out! There will be more edited when I get home tonight, but here's one: (sorry for the huge, posting from FB at work)
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    As of yet unnamed Kitty! He's settling right in, slept in bed (and chewed on my fingers all night). Marley is pleased with him and Sawyer is obsessed. This was this morning. He looks like I feel, but he's been wide awake for a while, had his real fast and brushing and was playing hide n seek.
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    Kitty names?

    Trying to come up with a new name for "Currently Known As Columbus". We're thinking in the realm of Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sherlock, Marvel, Game of Thrones, beer...