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  1. Red.Apricot

    Zobby and Elsie's Secret Santa Thread!

    I probably should have waited until tomorrow when there was better light but I was too excited! First I was mean and made them sit together on the sofa: Then Elsie was curious about what might be the package: Elsie got a really, truly lovely collar: The inside is so, so soft...
  2. Red.Apricot

    Elsie is amazing.

    She got her RAE today. I've loved doing rally with her, and we ended on a real high note. In just ten shows, placing every time, today she took high combined in rally and finished the title with a perfect score in rally advanced (and a not so perfect score in excellent, but that's okay)...
  3. Red.Apricot


    I sent in Elsie's entries for a nearby lure-coursing event and now I'm nervous! It's this weekend, and if she enjoys it/her foot holds up (she tore a nail a few weeks ago; the vet said she's good to go, I'm a worry-wort), she'll be doing four runs. What should I know going into this? I have...
  4. Red.Apricot


    So this is Bubba--Mexican street dog/stingray survivor/yo-yo.
  5. Red.Apricot

    Vibes? -Uncle's dog

    My uncle died in a car accident in Mexico this morning. He and his wife were traveling back to CA with their dog, Bubba. She's in the hospital there, and we don't know what happened to Bubba. If he's found and okay, we're going to try to get him back here, at least until my aunt is ready for him...
  6. Red.Apricot

    Rae: 2/10 legs completed!

    This is going to be an expensive title, lol.
  7. Red.Apricot

    Elise got a wading pool!

  8. Red.Apricot

    Elsie got her CD!

    First place, 192! She's a really good dog, and she's an excellent worker; it's too bad she's stuck with me.
  9. Red.Apricot

    Photos from Today

    First, Zobby: He loves my camera. It's a treat machine. He's a supermodel. Suave little dog. Elise got to go to a lake today. Zoey competed in a dog show (and got her second CDX leg, first place, go Zoey!) and Elsie and I went to support her/enjoy the beautiful weather...
  10. Red.Apricot


    Sometimes Elsie will open the bathroom door while I'm showering and steal my towel. She thinks this is very funny. She hasn't done it in a while, but I was talking to my dad about the silly things our dogs do and it made me curious. Does anyone else have a dog that plays pranks?
  11. Red.Apricot

    New Camera!

    I have NO IDEA what I'm doing with this thing, but so far I'm really impressed with it! First, the mouse! Indoors, and you can actually see him! Isn't he the cutest? He's such a jerk, though; Donny's the only person he doesn't bite. I really like the colors? I have no idea...
  12. Red.Apricot

    New Titles

    Elsie earned her RE and her PCD this weekend--with the pre-novice title being done in three days. We did four runs and took four first places. I love my dog.
  13. Red.Apricot

    Rally-O Weekend

    Elsie got her first two RE legs this weekend! Saturday she took second place with a score of 89 (she refused to do the back up three paces, which I knew she would, since she hates that sign because I stepped on her once while training it). I'm very pleased with her performance. Today...
  14. Red.Apricot

    New Snake

    I got a new corn snake off craigslist this morning. He's huge! He's an absolute snuggle bug and I totally love him. He's missing an eye, but is otherwise healthy looking.
  15. Red.Apricot


    Once she realized she had to wear the wings she was pretty chipper about it. Until I gave Zobby a snack in front of her. And then I made her sit to close to a pumpkin. Ew. Then I made her touch the pumpkin. Horror.
  16. Red.Apricot

    Separation Anxiety?

    Elsie is almost three, and until now has never shown any signs of stress when left alone. The last couple of weeks, she's been showing increasingly bad signs of separation anxiety, and I'm having to work really hard not to get upset about it. A few weeks ago we had a new roommate move...
  17. Red.Apricot

    Twinsy Tervs

    Zoey, my dad's terv, is staying with me until he's out of the hospital. Today, it rained all afternoon, and then cleared up in the evening, so I took the two tervs to the park to play frisbee, and then we did a quick photoshoot. That's all for now!
  18. Red.Apricot


    Sheila had cancer, and the decision was made to let her go today. She'd lost 14lbs over the last month, and was having trouble standing. She was in pain, and was having trouble remembering things. She had twelve years with us, and I've always wished we were closer. She was never a...
  19. Red.Apricot

    Elsie, RA :D

    Elsie got her RA title today! Goofy. She got a score of 96 and took first place. She titled in three shows, all three scores were over 90, and she placed each time, which is wonderful. I couldn't be happier with her; I love how hard she tries for me. Zoey got her RN today, at...
  20. Red.Apricot

    Second RA Leg Complete!

    Elsie took second place with a score of 92 today! I'm so pleased with her. She really gives me everything she has.