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    I"m Going Crazy-Fleas

    Our Vet. told us there was a new variety of "cat" flea. They don't bite humans, but chew the dogs up, even if they are on Frontline. (we do not have cats...allergic...:() Fortunately this happened at our vacation home and we could bomb the place back to the stone age.
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    Foster Doodle

    I would adopt him in a heartbeat...except for the beach and all the sun. Kinda' like me these days...Not enough sunscreen in the world.
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    Foster Doodle

    Glacier is so cute! How did the poor baby get burned?
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    In Spite of CostCo

    Boy, I apparently did a bad job of explaining myself. I never expected CostCo to lock the building down to look for Maggie's Mom and Dad. The fact that CostCo does not have a plan in place for children bothered me and it has nothing to do with Maggie. Geeze. Since they don't have the...
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    In Spite of CostCo

    The manager told me point blank...she didn't care IF you had harnesses and all. IF, you did not have notarized paperwork with you, your service dog was not welcome & you are SOL. TRUE, I don't have kids, but the very FACT they don't have an "Adam Alert" in place concerns me...
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    In Spite of CostCo

    PSA for shoppers @ COSTCO: Miserable experience there today. A little Poodle found her way to me and my parents as we were loading their vehicle. Lots of GRIEF and LOTS of "I can't do anything" later....2 be exact, Mommie and Pup were reunited. ACCORDING to the ONE...
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    Dremel Training

    I understand. I don't have the patience to do my Mom's Cocker. She hates anything and everything to do with her feet. You probably have already found it, but this is the site I first used years and years ago, it is very good. Excellent in fact. Good Luck...
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    Dremel Training

    I have never had very much trouble. Shadow loves to have his done, he comes flying when I tell him it is time to do his nails. I honestly think he understands he can get up off the floor easier. At his age and bad hips, it really does make a big difference. Stormy seemed to just watch and...
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    What's in your toy box?

    Only the dogs know what all is in there:
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    Sometimes Bean is not my favorite dog.

    150 Aww, That's a dog made out of real dog.
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    changing a dog's name

    Punkin was "Pooch" when I got her. That one had to go.
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    Border Collie People

    Stormy after a long day on the beach:
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    Passed dog's things?

    All of mine have always been buried with their collars and tags on, favorite toys at their side and lying in their beds. I feel like the one thing that is truly a dog's, is their collar. Of course puppy collars are used over and over again. The rest of the zillion toys, leashes and "whatnot"...
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    If you had a superpower

    I would like to be able to walk on the ceiling. Much less chance of tripping over dog toys. :D
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    Finally... POISON!

    I am pea green with envy.