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    How can i stop my cat from plucking the carpet?

    Our cats love to scratch on the carpet too because from the sound of it, that backing provides the perfect 'grab' for their claws. We've bought scratching posts, scratching name it. But honestly....I'm kidding myself if I think I'm going to 'train' my cat. They might humor me...
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    So many ticks- what to do?

    oh my gosh, that picture is horrible! Same thing happened to us once when we made the mistake of taking our Aussies for a romp in the woods. When we came back, I wondered, "What is that black patch on Sassy's skin?" :confused: It wasn't a black was thousands of ticks. Her skin was...
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    So many ticks- what to do?

    We use K9 Advantix here about 6-7 months out of the year. I would prefer not to...but the ticks are just too bad. I had one dog get a tick disease, become paralyzed suddenly and fall into a swimming pool. :yikes: I have one good human friend with lyme and honestly, it's becoming quite...
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    Dog Budget: Monthly-Yearly

    While I don't feed raw, I have 2 dogs and 2 cats and feed high quality dry kibble. Vet visits for yearly shots, heartworm check, heartworm pills, flea meds, emergency issues, ear infections, food, toys runs me about 200 per month. There are a few issues that can cause that to run dry...such...
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    Weird question, relating to dogs bollocks..!

    :D:D:D My husband read through these with me said as he walked away, "Well, one things for sure...yall sure are a buncha women!" My English shepherd has very fuzzy balls hidden in amongst his black fuzzy feathers. Key word: hidden :cool:
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    Weird question, relating to dogs bollocks..!

    :rofl1::rofl1::rofl1: Hahahaha!!! OH my GOSH, this is hilarious! And let's just be honest here....from the rear, those things are NEVER pretty to look at, I don't care WHOSE backside they're dangling from! Lord help mercy! :D:D:D
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    Pro plan has a grain free formula?

    So glad yall are talking this point. I have fed Diamond naturals lamb and rice for years. Recently, I thought of switching to grain free and have been doing research. Tractor Supply has 4-health which we are considering and Diamond just added a grain free kibble. Regarding the grains...
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    All things health and well-being

    I went through menopause at 46, so life after is a bit different. Lots of water is important. Sleep too. I eat more frequently, but try to limit sweets because they go straight to the tummy. One great meal is actually a blender full of 1 cup of frozen strawberries (organic), 6 oz. 0% plain...
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    I could use a hug.

    I am so very sorry this happened to you. I cannot imagine the pain you are experiencing. No words can help, but over time, the trauma will lessen. Bless you for caring enough to stop. I think all of us who love animals so much can name every time we've seen an event such as this because it...
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    Feeding Coconut Oil...

    Interesting. I've never considered this. We use it all the time for cooking. It makes the best buttermilk biscuits! I also use it to take off makeup and moisturize. And now..the dogs can eat it! Wonders never cease! We were just talking about fish oil for coats. Watching this thread! :popcorn:
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    Please Neuter

    We had a horse I suspected of being 'proud' cut. He was really bad to mount the mares, and well, cough, cough, really mean business :rolleyes:. I wonder if there could be a canine version of 'proud cut'?
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    Not very food motivated

    Haha, another ES owner with a non-food-motivated dog! We did some agility until the long drive got to me. Bear, also, couldn't care less about food. He was much more interested in everything going on around him and the food was second. I tried chicken, dried liver, hotdogs. Nothing...
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    What are options for classes/competitions?

    I want to do something fun/serious with my english shepherd. He has a lot of energy and is happy when learning. Besides agility (no close facilities), what other types of things could we train for and possibly compete in? Thank you!
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    How to teach a dog to go tee-tee outside in possibly one day!

    Actually, it IS funny how they'll 'abuse' the bell. One of our aussies was forever getting chased by our new lab pup. She would get so irritated at the new energetic bundle of chocolate fur, so she'd RUN to the back door, with puppy in chase, ring the bell {BRING!BRING!BRING!}, we'd open the...
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    How to teach a dog to go tee-tee outside in possibly one day!

    Well, only if you have a really smart dog, :), but it IS possible! My grandmama hung a bell on a string by her door and taught the dog to ring a bell. We tried it with our aussies with a great result. Bell, a black tri Aussie, was added to our family at the age of 8 weeks, On day one, we...