"Rufus Sr."

"Rufus Busby"
Feb 3, 1992 ---- Dec 31, 2001

Cocker Spaniel

I received Rufus as a gift in Georgetown, Ca from my sister. I grew to love him so much. I raised him on an 18 wheeler and he loved to go even when we wasn't on the road. He was every ones friend ex my Mother's. When she was in the hospital we would always have to sneak him in to be with her for a while. When she passed in 98 the funeral home allowed him to be there with her.

Rufus never got over that loss. In Dec of 2001 Rufus started losing weight rapidly but showed no signs of illness. We took him to the vet and when I got the results and he wanted to put him to sleep right then,I was shocked and could not believe it. I took him to 2 more vets in hopes that his diagnosis was wrong and when the last one had tears in her eyes and said it was acute renal failure
my heart almost quit beating.

I could not put him to sleep because he was just to active like nothing was wrong with him but in less than a week he could barely walk. I was by his side day and night praying over him but by New Years Eve he couldn't even eat and I had to make the decision to have him put to sleep because I couldn't
let him suffer like that.

A big part of me went with Rufus and I still am not over it. I have learned that a blood test every 6 months will tell everything you need to know instead of guessing at it. Six months later I picked up a baby cocker that looked just like him and when I put him down he started crying
until I picked him back up.

Needless to say I ended up buying him and he has filled some of that big hole Rufus Sr. had left in my heart. So we have named him Rufus Jr. Rufus Sr will always be Remembered and loved.

With all my Love Son,

Lee, Camille, Pepper, Spunky & Nikki
What a beautiful tribute to Rufus, Sr. He sounds like he was great company to your mother. Always remember him.

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