Diva Delilah

This picture of my pit bull Delilah was taken when she was 3 months. Now she is 5 months and lots larger. She is a bundle of love! She loves to snuggle on the couch, chew and dig up flowers, and pick squash out of the garden.

Diva Delilah
DivaDelilah, May 27, 2004
    • Renee750il
      All that and she's such a serious looking pup! As I know from my Shiva, looks can be deceiving sometimes! That's funny that she likes to pick squash. I used to have a German Shepherd, Purdue, who absolutely loved tomatoes. So did my Dad. Purdue would pick and eat all the ripe tomatoes before my Dad could get to them, and it was always kind of funny to watch my Dad try to get mad at Purdue instead of laughing at him. We always had plenty of tomato plants started in the yard the next year! (lol)
    • tl_ashmore
      I love that color. I bet she IS a real Diva!!!!
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      that must be the best looking pit i,ve seen in a long while. lucky you!!!
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