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Old 05-13-2009, 12:06 AM
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Oh honey... all I can say is, you haven't met Blue.

That is all.
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Old 05-13-2009, 04:56 AM
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Default Thank you

I am new to this forum so i do not know if have to answer and thank all of you nice people individually or just sent a general reply, which i think i am doing now - i think-

So trying to answer all of you, it might get a little chaotic (maybe just an excuse sine chaotic is how my mind works in general anyways)

So far i found out on the subject that there are 3 treatments.
1. one is called- cheiloplasty - it is a corrective plastic surgery on the lips.
which is no option for me. I can agree with this surgery when your dog has a really malformed condition, which would endangour his health. My DDB is just as he should be, so i am not going to alter that.

2. is the one i was told would not harm him at all and is taking away part of is saliva glands. Of which i was assured would not harm him, and that was why i wanted to have the opinion, of you experenced guys, to know if that was true.

3. is medication, i found this one on the internet, but like Boxer100 suggested, think is more of a money grasping thing, also i am not planning to get my dog under unnecessary medication all of the time. (also Boxer 100 i look half the time like the playmates of Blaze most of the time)

So that is what i learned about it so far.

As a kid we had boxers at home, so i knew what drooling was and although i really did not know anything about the DDB race, by the look of him i assumed he could be a drooler. But i never expected it this bad. (as said i rescued him from the shelter since nobody else wanted him, mainly because he was rather viscous, and this lovely gentle dog he turned into would have been put down)

I have towels all arround the house, but in many times we are not quick enough, hence the drool on the ceiling.

Do not get me wrong, i do know the consequences of being owned by a dog.
You do have paw marks on your floors, you do have hairs all over the place, and in my case drool. BTW i also have a great dane, i knew the race very well before i got one, with them you can be lucky or unlucky some drool some do not, guess what mine turned out to be.... Earendil drools, but in a normal way, when he has eaten, had a drink or is exited. When i prepare his food he blows bubbles all of the time almost flooding the kitchen.

In general i am against any unnecessary surgery on my dogs, the boxers i had, had long tails, my great dane has lovely huge flaps of ears. The only thing done is that Gimli the DDB is snipped. Not by my own accord, but it is the law here, when you get a dog out of a shelter she has to be neutred, he has to be castrated.

So in general, I can live with the drooling, it is just if there would be a kind solution for all of us it would be welcome. If it harms the dog in the least, it is a no no for me.

I have a sign on my door, not warning guest for dangerous dogs, but stating

- for all none-dog owners, coming here, there are dogs, they can have dirty paws, there is hair on the furniture, but they live here, you do not -

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