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Old 05-14-2009, 01:15 AM
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He is a one person dog, he loves his family, but he has picked me as his be all and end all. When I'm sitting, he's beside my chair, when I'm out he's asleep at the front door/gate and when I stop walking suddenly, he runs into the back of me.

He loves car rides... or just sitting in the car is fine aswell.

He hates traffic, it stresses him. But he loves utes and big machinery. Like if a bulldozer drives past he looks at it like he would just love to go and sit up in the cabin with the driver.

He doesn't really like new people, he is reserved and if they push him too much he gets extremly uncomfortable.

He hates motorbikes, when at home he couldn't care less, when out on walks he wants to chase them, although he is much better with this now.

He has HD and arthritis, he limps on his right hind leg sometimes but it doesn't seem to bother him much.

He appreciates offleash time, it allows him to relax.

He does not like other dogs/cats. But a dog can walk into his yard and he's fine with it. New cats take months of slow introduction.

He has amazingly expressive eyes, I think he does a lot of thinking.

He is extremly intollerant to Sophie, but will let Mac get away with murder. She's like his little sister.

He gets quite insecure, its taken a lot of work to get him confidently offering behaviours, beforehand he really didn't like having a go incase it was wrong.

He doesn't like to see his person upset, it makes him try to sit on your lap.

A lot of the time, his version of a cuddle is to put his head vertically right into your chest. He has done this when I'm sitting or lying down.

Sometimes he falls asleep with his tongue out.

On walks he likes to walk in front of you, he still tries to pull sometimes but he's pretty good. He also likes to hold the leash in his mouth for the first part of the dog.

If another dog is enjoying a toy... he will snatch it the first moment he can.

He shreds toys.

He has a funny stumpy tail, he doesn't really like people touching it.

He has a great off switch he can go from 100 - 0 in 3 seconds flat.

He is a work in progress, I often feel like his DA is our biggest hurdle, but if I could choose between him tolerating strange dogs and him having the confidence he's got in the last 3 years, I'd choose to give him his confidence. Its amaxing how much he's changed. Finally allowing himself to act like a dog and enjoy his life.

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