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Old 05-09-2009, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by sprintime View Post
Breeding to the standard the parent club has set forth and not trying for "rare" something
I gotta disagree here. There are many breeds whose parent club has it wrong.

In pemmies, I very much dislike the PWCCA's standard. The pemmie standards in the UK and in NZ are better.

If I were going to breed corgis, I'd aim for something more like Ares in type - what corgis looked like in the 40's, when they could still work.
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Old 05-09-2009, 04:28 PM
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Health testing, titling in conformation/working trials, temperament testing, and a really good contract (lifetime health guarantee, will take back any puppy, pet dogs must not be bred and/or must be altered, etc) are BARE bare minimums for me.

I would prefer that all of the dogs are Obedience trained, and hopefully compete in it, regardless of breed. I want proof that the dogs are stable, sane, eager to please, and posess a good off-switch. I also want to see any working breed doing the job they were bred to do on a regular basis and in real-life situations. I would love to see Therapy Dog titles on at least some of the dogs. The dogs should be socialized and sound around all types of people, children, other dogs and other animals. The dogs must not be kept in outdoor kennels, they must be a part of the family, and the puppies must be raised in the home.

As far as the breeder, I STRONGLY prefer that the dogs are fed Raw. I STRONGLY prefer that the breeder practices limited vaccination with their dogs. I also STRONGLY prefer a breeder who allows even pet owners to wait until their puppy is physically/socially mature to alter them (with strict no-breeding clauses for pet dogs of course). It's really important that I befriend them... that they will spend time e-mailing and talking to me on the phone and allow me to visit any time. I want them to be interested in me, my dogs, and everything about the life that their puppy will have with me. I want them to care about my opinion, regarding what kind of puppy I want, as well as give me theirs. I want them to require that they visit me, or I visit them, on a regular basis after buying the puppy. I want them to be there for the lifetime of that puppy, no matter what. I want to be able to see, without doubt, that breeder's passion for their breed and for improving, maintaining, and protecting it.

I suppose I'm kind of picky... but really, if a breeder cannot fit what I want, I would rather save a dog's life in rescue. (which is what happened when I decided to adopt Fozzie)

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Old 05-09-2009, 04:45 PM
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Originally Posted by corgipower View Post
I gotta disagree here. There are many breeds whose parent club has it wrong.

In pemmies, I very much dislike the PWCCA's standard. The pemmie standards in the UK and in NZ are better.

If I were going to breed corgis, I'd aim for something more like Ares in type - what corgis looked like in the 40's, when they could still work.
Totally with you here.

For Filas, well, I have some very different standards as to what I want, based on how the dogs handle real life rather than competitions or sports. These are NOT a sport breed and should not be treated as such. I don't want to see my dogs doing bite work, schutzhund, etc., and I don't think there's much danger of any TRUE Fila ever competing in obedience trials of any sort, lol!

Exercise type sports, like weight pull I do like to see them in -- it's good for them physically and for their confidence. SAR is a good venue, mainly because it is not a sport, it's real work. I don't want to deal with a Fila breeder who is allowing their dogs to go to law enforcement or military use or will place a dog to be used primarily as a guard, not as a companion.
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Old 05-09-2009, 08:38 PM
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Aside from health testing, showing, breeding to the standard, etc... the list goes on. I have to say that the number one thing for me would be temperament. If I go through a breeder, their dogs better have proper, stable temperaments. Dogs with good nerves, period. I do not want a timid chihuahua nor do I want a rottweiler with a temperament of a golden.

I also want to say that showing is very nice to see, but what I have noticed is that a lot of breeders show their males while they neglect to do so with their females. They have outstanding males while the females confirmations aren't as important to the breeder, for some reason. Breeders who do not show their dams. Just something I've noticed.
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Old 05-14-2009, 01:08 AM
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My ideal breeder:

Does all of the necessary health testing for their breed (OFA, CERF, etc.)

Competes with their dogs in at least one venue, but hopefully more.

Doesn't have anymore than 2 litters per year, and those litters should be out of different dogs.

All dogs bred should be correct & sound in conformation, as per the written standard for most breeds. They should also be of correct temperament, first and foremost.

Lifetime support is a must. They should be willing and able to answer all questions completely, and be there for you for the life of the dog.

Any dog unable to be kept by the buyer should be returned to the breeder.

Puts lots of time and effort into each breeding, striving to improve the breed/their breeding program.

Must screen any and all potential homes, to be absolutely certain that their puppy will be well taken care of.

Evaluates each puppy individually in order to be certain each puppy is placed in the correct home.

Makes certain that the puppies are well on their way to being well socialized & introduced to normal house-hold things before leaving to their new homes.


There's probably a few more that I could think of too, but those are the main ones. I love Keira's breeder. She doesn't compete/show in a lot of venues due to health/physical limitations, but she does always find a handler to show her dogs in conformation at least and other dogs in "pet homes" have other performance titles. Last year she did breed a bitch with no titles, but only because she almost completely lost her breeding program due to the fact that she breeds limitedly and her one bitch had to have an emergency spay and the other resorbed two breedings and also had to be spayed. The bitch she did breed last year could have her CH, but her owners didn't want her shown. The dog she bred her to did have his CH. though. I think that's completely excuseable, and didn't have a problem with that in the slightest. She does everything else on my list, and has been a fantastic mentor to me. I love her -- she's also ended up as one of my mom and I's best friends. I've learned so much from her it's unbelievable. Health and temperament are of upmost importance to her, and her Dobermans truly are some of the nicest tempered dogs I've ever been around. Wonderful longevity too.. she's had many live 13 years, and one who will be celebrating her 14th b-day this year. That's wonderful for a Doberman.

My Toller breeder, OTOH, I can't speak as highly of, but she does do the majority of things on my list and was the most personable Toller breeder I talked to when looking for my first. Others turned me away instantly simply because I was only 16. So that adds something else to my list... a breeder must be open and willing to listen and talk to potential new buyers, and not discriminate right away just because someone may be new to the breed, young, uneducated about nutrition protocols etc.
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